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  • Ice Cream PartyHear the Ten Commandments and Enjoy an Ice Cream Party!More Info
  • Late Night LearningJoin us for Shavuot Late Night LearningMore Info
  • Camp Gan IsraelCGI’s summer program combines sports, crafts, trips and so much more with a creative and fun Jewish experience. Each week includes exciting trips, water fun, sports, science experiments, cooking classes, karate lessons & more, providing every child with a wonderful camp experience.Register Today!
  • SoulMatesJewish Secrets To Meaningful RelationshipsClasses Meet Once A MonthAt The Manhattan Torah Center 7:30PMFor more info...
  • Learn the Parshah In DepthWith select commentaries culled from the broad corpus of Jewish scholarshipRead More
  • Find Shavuot Events Near YouExperience the thrill of hearing the Ten Commandments—at a synagogue near you!Read More
  • Why Bamidbar Precedes ShavuotRead More
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The Holocaust Survivor who earned a Purple Heart
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Sunday, May 24 Bring your family & Friends to celebrate the giving of...
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Monday, May 26 - Spend a nice day with family & friends
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