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The Sunday Torah Café meets each Sunday morning for breakfast at 9am followed by
a discussion from 9:30am-10:30am. 
Each week, we address a different topic related to the Parsha (the weekly Torah portion)
or an upcoming holiday.

January 7                   Maimonides; The Man Who Organized Judaism
January 14                 Jewish Year 5778; How did We Get That Number?
January 21                 Deborah the Prophetess
January 28                 Tanach; Understanding Our Jewish Scriptures 
February 4                  Do Mitzvot Make Sense? 
February 11                The Ark of the Covenant
February 18                The Priestly Blessing
February 25                The Secret of the Hamantash
March 4                       Guest Speaker
March 11                     Guest Speaker
March 18                     Do Jews Believe in Scarifice? 
March 25                     The Prophet Elijah's Visit to our Seder
April 1                          Passover-No Class
April 8                          How Kosher Meat is Made
April 15                        Sexuality in Judaism 
April 22                        The Jewish View on Aging
April 29                        Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai; The Master of Kabbalah

For more information please call 310-214-4999