Join us for singing and dancing as we celebrate with the Torahs on Simchat Torah!


Simchat Torah Eve - October 12  
Simchat Torah comes on the last day of the festivities. All the Torah scrolls are taken from the Ark and carried in a parade around the synagogue seven times. We rejoice, sing and dance with the Torahs, for the reestablishment of our covenant with the Torah. 

  • Buffet dinner
  • Dancing
  • Flags for the children

  Thursday October 12 @ 7:00pm

  At the Jewish Community Center

Simchat Torah Day - October 13

On Simchat Torah, we celebrate the reading of  last portion of the Torah is read, and since we never finish the Torah reading, we begin the reading from the very beginning again. Join us as we finish the reading of the Torah and start it again from the beginning with plenty of L'chaim, a Sushi bar and a buffet.

Friday October 13 at 11:30am

At the Jewish Community Center 

Kids Simchat Torah Program - October 13
Special family Simchat Torah Celebration with Singing and Dancing with the Torah's

  • Flags for every kid
  • Kiddush and light buffet
  • Treats for everyone

   Friday October 13 @ 10:30am

At the Jewish Community Center