Dear Friend,

The JCC will be once again producing an attractive full-color calendar and mailing it to over 10,000 homes in the South Bay free of charge.This beautiful and fully-colored calendar will feature community events and special occasions. The practical design provides ample room for the recording of personal information and appointments.

This is also an extraordinary advertising opportunity to market your business or services to the Jewish community. Advertising in the Calendar will enable your company to reach an upscale and sophisticated market. Those receiving the calendar are friends and supporters of the community, looking to support their fellow community members.

Unlike newspaper ads that are seen once and discarded, this business promotion will benefit you continuously, as it is displayed in homes and offices throughout the community the whole year round, thus ensuring optimum visibility for your products or services, and maximum return for your dollar.

Your participation helps us with this worthy endeavor, as well as with our other efforts on behalf of the Jewish community.

Please email [email protected] or call 310-214-4999
if you have any questions or if you would like more information.


1. Note in Calendar Date - $35 a Date

Honor a special date such as a birthday, anniversary or a yartzeit memorial of a loved one by sponsoring that date in the calendar! - $35
Name 1 Date 1
Name 2 Date 2
Name 3 Date 3
Name 4 Date 4

2. Happy New Year’s Greeting or Warm Message - $125 a Greeting Section

Wish a Happy New Year / Shanah Tova or just share warm words with the community on the calendar’s welcome page or on any month of your choice.
You may choose to combine 2 or more greeting sections for a larger message.

# Greeting Spaces - Each section is the size of a calendar date box

Display Greeting Here:

3. Business Card Advertising Opportunity

Advertise your business, either once or multiple times throughout the calendar using your business card!

1 Month - $300

2 or more months - $275 per month # Months

12 months- $3,000

Please email your business card to [email protected]


4. Full Color Advertisement


Advertise your business with a professionally designed ad, either one provided through you or through our design team. There are different size opportunities.

Full Page Advertiser 9 x 12
(full color) $1800

Half Page Advertiser 9 x 6
(full color) $1000

Quarter Page Advertiser 4.5 x 6 (full color) $550

Back Page Half Page Advertiser
9 x 6 (full color) $1250

Please email your advertisement or the text for your advertisemenst to [email protected]


Your Information
Name Company
Address City
State Zip
Phone Number Email
Credit Card Information
Name on Card Card Number
Expiration Date CVV
Zip Code
Amount to Charge

Please email [email protected] or call 310-214-4999
if you have any questions or if you would like more information.