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Was Moses a Mystic?


download-button.jpg  Lesson 1 - The soul of Judaism

When did Jewish Mysticism begin? How was it studied? How was it developed? This class will address the history and development of Jewish mysticism from ancient times. 


download-button.jpgLesson 2 - The Rise of the Chassidic Movement

300 years ago in a small town in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine a mystical Jewish movement was born. The new group known as Chassidim quickly grew and remains a strong force in Judaism today. What is Chassidism about? And why is it so popular?

download-button.jpgLesson 3 - Chabad: The Intellectual Style

The Chabad movement is probably the best known branch of the Chassidic movement; usually know for its activities and organizations. Discover its mystical underpinnings and why it's called the intellectual part of Chassidism

download-button.jpgLesson 4 - Jewish Spirituality Today   

Navigating the world of Jewish spirituality today can be difficult. Learn what authentic Jewish spirituality consists of today, how it is practiced and how it guides us in our turbulent world.