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Mazal Tov! A new baby has been born, what a joy! Another Jewish soul entering the world. Each soul is born holy and pure, and we do our best to help our babies grow while keeping this innocence. To help families of new babies surround their children with Jewish things, we've put together adorable welcome kits.

These kits include: 

  • A charity box, to keep in the baby's room, so the child learn the value of sharing from a very young age.
  • A Shir Hamaalot prayer card; It is customary to hang a Shir LaMaalot in the room of the new mother and the newborn, immediately upon the expectant mother’s arrival at the hospital. This serves as a safeguard for the mother etc., both during the birth itself so that it will proceed normally and easily, and also during the following days, so that they will survive for a long life.
  • An Alef-Bet placemat and other Jewish toys: Surrounding the child with objects of holiness will help add blessing and success to the life of the child so that the parents will merit to raise the child “to Torah, to the marriage canopy and to good deeds.”
  • A set of Shabbat candles for Mommy to kindle on the baby's first shabbat in this world.
  • A Growing Garden Preschool onezie.
  • Several other gifts and goodies for the whole family to enjoy.  

We encourage parents of new babies to give their child a Jewish name and circumcision (for boys). Read more  about giving a child a Jewish name. 

Lastly, we are well aware of the immense task of adjusting to life with a new baby and understand how difficult it can be to ensure that the mother and the family eats properly while the mother recovers. In this light, we have set out to rally our volunteers and arrange dinner meal trains for the family whenever possible.  We hope that this will support family bonding time with the newborn and a smoother transition to life with a newborn.


Click Here to signup for a new baby package or a dinner meal train.