Schedule of Sukkot & Simchat Torah Services 


Friday, October 2 - Eve of Sukkot 


6:15 PM       Sukkot Evening Services

Saturday, October 3 - 1st Day of Sukkot


10:00 AM      Sukkot Morning Services

6:15 PM        Sukkot Evening Services
Sunday, October 4 - 2nd Day of Sukkot


10:00 AM      Sukkot Morning Services

6:15 PM        Sukkot Evening Services
Monday, October 5 - 3rd Day of Sukkot - Thursday, October 8 - 6th Day of Sukkot


7:00 AM        Sukkot Morning Services

Friday, October 9 - Hoshanah Rabbah


7:00 AM        Hoshanah Rabbah Morning Service

6:00 PM        Shemini Atzeret Evening Service

Saturday, October 10 - Shemini Atzeret


10:00AM       Shemini Atzeret Morning Service

11:00AM       Yizkor Memorial Service

6:00PM         Simchat Torah Evening Service

7:00PM         Hakkafot - Dancing with the Torah and buffet dinner
Sunday, October 11 - Simchat Torah


10:30AM       Simchat Torah Morning Services

11:30AM       Hakkafot - Kiddush - We finish reading the Torah and every    Jewish male gets called up to the Torah.
6:00PM         Simchat Torah Evening Service