“Yediat Klalit” - Jewish Values & Holidays

NEW: Incentive-Based Jewish knowledge workshops, competitions & choice elective activities


Topics Covered

  • Biblical Heroes 
  • Hebrew Vocabulary
  • Jewish Calendar & Holiday Celebrations
  • Jewish lifecycle events 
  • Jewish Rituals How-To
  • Jews around the world
  • The Jewish Home 
  • The Land of Israel 
  • The Wisdom of the Torah
  • More…


Sample Questions:

  • Who are our Jewish forefathers?
  • Why is Shabbat such a special day in the week?
  • Why do we have a Mezuzah on our doors?
  • How do you make the Kiddush?
  • What is the proper way to light the Menorah?



Yediat Klalit Sessions

 Throughout the school year, Yediat Klalit Sessions will be dedicated to a certain Jewish value or tradition where the classroom is dedicated to that Jewish value.

Upon entering a “Yediat Klalit” lesson, one might see students engaged in cooperative learning groups; reading texts from the Torah and other Jewish sources; writing and performing skits; or developing class presentations. The Students will be given a number of educational, fun and interactive options, to choose in a way that interests them, to present the lesson to their class.

 There will also be school wide knowledge-bees based on these sessions. The students will be given a study guide that they could take home and review with their families.

 At the conclusion of each session, the students will earn both an immediate special reward for their hard work, in addition to “Torah Points” that could be used towards raffles and auction prizes such as bikes, Wii games and digital cameras.

 The student also earns points and prizes by attending Extra-Curricular Hebrew School activities such as Shabbat and Holiday Services, Chaveirim Social Activities and Mitzvah Events.