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Praying at Home

Are you unable of uncomfortable to come to the synagogue on the High Holidays? We encourage you to pray and celebrate from your home. 

Machzor Companion for Rosh Hashanah

Shofar Dash
Someone from our Shofar-Dash program will visit your home on Rosh Hashanah, Sunday, September 20 to blow the Shofar for you and your family

Shofar Blowing Blessings and InstructionsPrintable DIY yourself Guide for the Holiday
Machzor Companion for Rosh Hashanah
Printable Machzor Companion in Hebrew and English
How I Will Celebrate Rosh Hashanah Alone
I’m an older woman, living alone. I'll be observing the holidays at home, by myself.
8 Tips for an Amazing Rosh Hashanah at Home
If you are planning to spend Rosh Hashanah in isolation, here are some tips and reminders just for you.
Yizkor at Home
This year, the synagogue is closed, and I am sheltering in place due to coronavirus. May I still say Yizkor?
How to Blow the Shofar at Home
How to Blow the Shofar at Home
The Sound and the Spirit
This course will provide you with the practical tips and mystical insights you need to fulfill this mitzvah in the most optimal manner, so you can blow at home, and blow everyone away.
Shofar Blowing Blessings and Instructions
Printable blessings and prayers in Hebrew and English