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 There was a wise man who was known to say: 

"Have affection for a fellow... and G‑d will have affection for you; do a kindness for a fellow... and G‑d will do a kindness for you; befriend a fellow... and G‑d will befriend you."

It is in this spirit that we formed "The Mitzvah Society", under the auspices of the JCC of Manhattan Beach, bringing together members of the Jewish community who want to give back to their immediate and extended neighbors in the South Bay. Through volunteering, fundraising and other charitable activities, we aim complete the circle of the mitzvah: bringing joy to both the person performing the mitzvah and to the world.

Our volunteer base includes all members of the community from preschoolers to seniors, and our reach is as wide spread. We invite you to join us in this special task of helping others and making our community a happier and friendly place.