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The Sunday Torah Café meets each Sunday morning for breakfast at 9am followed by
a discussion from 9:30am-10:30am. 
Each week, we address a different topic related to the Parsha (the weekly Torah portion)
or an upcoming holiday.

March 10     Fire or Forgive: How to respond to scandals
March 17 Purim: Why the Jewish People are indestructible
March 24 Jews and Alcohol
March 31 Do we believe in reincarnation?
April 7 Why we wash our hands before eating bread
April 14 All about Dayeinu
April 21 No Class
April 28 Do Jews believe in Satan?
May 5 Why do many Jewish men have beards?
May 12 Does Judaism Believe in the death penalty?
May 19 The Jewish Financial System
May 26 Do Jews believe in Heaven and Hell?
June 2 Ruth, the prototype Jewish convert
June 9 Shavot - The Ten Commandments & Dairy Party
June 16 Which tribe are you from?
June 23 How Kosher wine is made
June 30 Does Judaism believe in equality 
July 7 Guest Speaker
July 14 Daniel - Predicting the Future
July 21 Dual Loyalties? The story of the Jewish people in exile
July 28 Where is the Promised Land?

August 4

Hebrew Pronounciation: Is it Shabbat or Shabbos?

August 11 Bar Kochba Rebellion
August 18 Why is idol worship so bad?
August 25 Are all fruits and vegetables kosher?
September 1 Does Judaism believe in democracy?

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