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Torah Cafe meets each SUNDAY morning for breakfast at 9AM

Breakfast is followed by a discussion from 9:30-10:30am.

Each week, we address a different topic related to the Parsha (The Weekly Torah Portion) or an upcoming holiday.  

At the Jewish Community Center (In the Small Shul)

2108 Vail Ave. Redondo Beach, CA  




September 1

Does Judaism believe in democracy?


September 8

Shatnez - the Kosher rules for clothing


September 15

The Torah - an overview of what it actually says


September 22

What are Selichot?


September 29

Why do we blow the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah?


October 6

The Aleinu Prayer


October 13

Ushpizin -  The Mystery Sukkot Guests


October 20

Why Jews are always learning


October 27

Can people be truly bad?


November 3

Should we blindly trust in G‑d?


November 10

Infertility Treatments; A Jewish Perspective


November 17

The Power of Shabbat Candles


November 24

Guest Speaker


December 1

Aramaic - The Forgotten Jewish Language


December 8

Our Mother Rachel


December 15

Do dreams have any meaning?


December 22

The Mystical meaning of the Chanukah Lights


December 29

Does Judaism Permit Gambling?

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