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Torah Cafe meets each SUNDAY morning at 9:00 AM for breakfast

The discussion runs from 9:30-10:30am.

Each week, we address a different topic related to the Parsha (The Weekly Torah Portion) or an upcoming holiday.  

At the Jewish Community Center (In the Small Shul)

2108 Vail Ave. Redondo Beach, CA  





August 7

The Expulsion from Spain

No Breakfast

August 14

Does G‑d need our prayers?


August 21

Defender of Jews: Sir Moses Montefiore


August 28

The Mitzvah of Not Wasting


September 4

The Levirate Marriage and Chalitza Ceremony

Lewis & Ellen Schwartz

September 11

Why do bad things happen?


September 18

The history of Hebrew Printing


September 25

Pruzbol - The Legal Loophole for Loans


October 2

The Yizkor Service


October 9

Hakhel - The Year of Gathering  

October 16

Circling the Bima  

October 23

How did people in the Torah live so long?


October 30

The Covenant with Abraham


November 6

Did G‑d want Abraham to sacrifice his son?


November 13

Understanding the Daily Prayers

November 20

Should we have more children?

November 27

The 12 Tribes

December 4

The Historical Riddle of the Missing 150 years

December 11

Battle of the 2 Souls

December 18

The Greeks in Jewish Tradition

December 25

The Star of David

January 1

Translating the Torah

January 8

The Dead Sea Scrolls

January 15

Why do Jewish men wear a Kippa?

January 22

The Blessing Over the Moon

January 29

What is a Rebbe?

February 5

What is a Yeshiva?

February 12

The Jewish View on Labor & Trade Unions

February 19

What happened to the artifacts from the Temple?

February 26

The Role of Music in Judaism

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