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Torah Cafe meets each SUNDAY morning at 9:00 AM for breakfast

The discussion runs from 9:30-10:30am.

Each week, we address a different topic related to the Parsha (The Weekly Torah Portion) or an upcoming holiday.  

At the Jewish Community Center (In the Small Shul)

2108 Vail Ave. Redondo Beach, CA  




 January 14

Why Positive Thinking is Crucial

 January 21

The Jews of Yemen

 January 28

Where is Mount Sinai?

 February 4

What is a Beth Din?

 February 11

How to find your mission in life

 February 18

Who were the Ge’onim?

 February 25

Mixing Milk & Meat

 March 3

What if I need to work on Shabbat?

 March 10

What are Haredim?

            March 17

          Why does our world have so many problems?

            March 24

          Purim Celebration

            March 31

          The Ancient Jewish Calendar

            April 7

          Sefer Yetzirah - The Book of Formation

            April 14

          The Fall of Sennacherib

            April 21

          Selling Chametz

            April 28

          No Class

            May 5

          Is it Kosher to Feel Resentment?

            May 12

          Jewish Agriculture

            May 19

          Does Judaism permit slavery?

            May 26

The Importance of Jewish Pride today

            June 2     

Why is Judaism Tribal?

            June 9

The Shulchan Aruch - Code of Jewish Law

            June 16

Who were the Mixed Multitude?

            June 23

The Khmelnitsky Pogroms

            June 30

Can't we just all get along?

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