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The Sunday Torah Café meets each Sunday morning for breakfast at 9am followed by
a discussion from 9:30am-10:30am. 
Each week, we address a different topic related to the Parsha (the weekly Torah portion)
or an upcoming holiday.

December 2     Judaism Vs. Hellenism- The 2300 Year Old Battle
December 9 Why Don't Miracles Happen Anymore?
December 16 The End of Times
December 23 Where did the Jewish People come from?
December 30 The Jewish Obsession with Cleanliess
January 6 The Pidyon Haben Ceremony
January 13 Kiddush & Havdalah
January 20 The 13 Principles of Jewish Faith
January 27 Halacha - Who decides Jewish Law?
February 3 Do Jews believe in the Prosperity Gospel?
February 10 What are Kohanim
February 17 The Talmud - Judaism's most important book
February 24 Why can't we use electricity on  Shabbat?
March 3 Why is Judaism so expensive?
March 10 Fire of Forgive: How to respond to public scandals
March 17 Purim: Why the Jewish People are indestructible
March 24 Jews and Alcohol
March 31 Do we believe in reincarnation?
April 7 Why we wash our hands before eating bread
April 14 All about Dayeinu
April 21 No class
April 28 Do Jews believe in Satan?

For more information please call 310-214-4999