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Torah Cafe meets each SUNDAY morning at 9:00 AM for breakfast

The discussion runs from 9:30-10:30am.

Each week, we address a different topic related to the Parsha (The Weekly Torah Portion) or an upcoming holiday.  

At the Jewish Community Center (In the Small Shul)

2108 Vail Ave. Redondo Beach, CA  




October 17

What makes wine Kosher?

Erik Zuckerbraun

October 24  

The Jewish Belief in Resurrection

Adela Barnet & Elizabeth Matusak

October 31

Where does your Jewish family name come from?


November 7

The Kuzar Kingdom


November 14

A Jewish Perspective on Race Relations


November 21

The Wondering Jew


November 28

Celebrating the Oil


December 5

The People of the Book


December 12

Ezra: Judiasm's second greatest leader


December 19

Did all the stories in the Torah really happen?  

December 26

Napoleon & the Jews


  For more information please call 310-214-4999 or email [email protected]