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Torah Cafe meets each SUNDAY morning at 9:00 AM for breakfast

The discussion runs from 9:30-10:30am.

Each week, we address a different topic related to the Parsha (The Weekly Torah Portion) or an upcoming holiday.  

At the Jewish Community Center (In the Small Shul)

2108 Vail Ave. Redondo Beach, CA  



May 2

Should we curtail offensive speech?

May 9   

What is the Mishnah?

May 16

How did G‑d 'Give' us the Torah?

May 23

Does G‑d really speak to people?

In-Person Class & Breakfast Resumes

May 30

Does Judaism believe in Karma?

June 6

The story of King Saul

June 13

5 Life Changing Teachings of the Rebbe

June 20

The Rebbe in Soviet Prison

June 27

The Crusaders - a Jewish Perspective

July 4

The Ethics of Keeping Your Commitments

July 11

Why Moses and Aaron died in the desert?

July 18

The Ten Martyrs

July 25

The Story of Reb Levi Yitzchak Schneerson

August 1

Is government welfare a Jewish thing?

August 8

Shtadlonus - A Tradition of Jewish Diplomacy

August 15

The Bird-Nest Mitzvah

August 22

Do Jews believe in Karma?

August 29

The Jewish Belief in Resurrection

September 5

The Story of Creation

September 12

The Jewish Tradition of Kapporot - Swinging Chickens

September 19

Finding the 'Four Kinds'

September 26

Circles of the Synagogue

October 3

The 70 Nations

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