Welcome to the Bat Mitzvah Club – the club “for girls, starring girls, run by girls!”

When a Jewish girl reaches twelve years of age, she undergoes a profound change. It may not be easy to see, but she is joining millions of Jewish girls beginning their journey towards womanhood. Many people think that a Bat Mitzvah is just a Bar Mitzvah for girls. No Way! A Jewish girls possesses a unique identity, which she shares with all Jewish women around the globe. A Bat Mitzvah girls is preceded by 3,000 years of Jewish women in history. Becoming Bat Mitzvah is more than just a beautiful party. Becoming Bat Mitzvah is the beginning of a lifelong process of “doing more”- more Jewish learning, more feeling, more thinking, and more importantly, more of being YOU.

The Bat Mitzvah Club brings girls just like you together and helps them grow  into the Jewish women of tomorrow. Bat Mitzvah members participate in activities by which they discover new things about themselves and about the “real” meaning of Bat Mitzvah.

Bat Mitzvah Club members meet monthly, have interesting visitors join their meetings, enjoy special trips, design craft projects, have Shabbatons, take part in discussions, and have a great time! Members who perform and report “meaningful-actions” enable themselves to earn different charms that are put onto a silver bracelet.

Joining a club requires making a choice. You can be sure that joining the Bat Mitzvah Club is the right choice! When you become a member, you are building a future for a Jewish tomorrow. Your personal progress and your achievements will change you and the world around you. At the Bat Mitzvah Club, you will gain knowledge and will feel pride in being Jewish, female, and an adult.

             Wishing you lots of luck on your new venture!


                                                                                                   Alta Gordon