What is considered as holy as Yom Kippur,  
more spiritual than meditating,  
and the best thing for your marriage?  


For thousands of years Jewish marriages have been strengthened through the holiness of the special Mitzvah of Mikvah. By immersing in a Mikvah – a ritual bath constructed according to the intricate laws detailed in the Torah, a woman taps into the spiritual powers of this ongoing tradition, connecting with Jewish women around the world and throughout history.


The Mikvah experience is a women’s mystical journey to a place where she alone embraces her spirituality, and relationship with G‑d. The Mikvah’s waters are an embryonic liquid that cleanses refreshes and hydrates the essence of her feminine spirituality that ultimately brings about much peace and blessing to her whole family.

Our brand-new state-of-the-art Mikvah / Spa facility is available to all Jewish women, regardless of their level of observance. For more information about our community Mikvah or if you would like to take a private tour of the Mikvah facility, please call 310-265-3868



Click here for a virtual tour of the Mikvah.

To learn more about Mikva please visit www.mikvah.org