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Nothing is more sacred, more important and more revered in Jewish Life than the Holy Torah that has kept our nation alive and vibrant for over 3,000 years. The Written Torah consists of 305,805 letters handwritten by an expert scribe in a Torah scroll. Each letter is unique and must be written perfectly.

Every soul is connected to a unique letter in the Torah.

The JCC has commissioned a NEW Torah scroll for our Synagogue. The Torah scroll has been written in Israel by an expert scribe, and is now almost completed leaving only the final letters to be completed at the JCC.

We invite you to join us for a memorable and joyous Dedication Ceremony for our new Torah where we will write the final remaining letters and parade with the Torah to its new home in the Ark of our Synagogue.

You and your family will be able link your souls to the Torah’s letters by writing one of the final remaining letters in our Community Torah.