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Meets Every Thursday 11:00am – 1:00pm

Join us once a week for fun activities, stimulating discussions and a chance to meet other seniors just like you. Led by Rabbi Dovid Lisbon

  • Speakers on topics from current Jewish events to taxes and medical issues
  • A chance to socialize and enjoy the company of each other.
  • A light lunch is served

For More information call: 310-372-0941

Fee: $5/ per program

Aug 29

Inspiring Stories of the Rebbe - Part 1


September 5

My Prayer - Part 1: The Morning Blessings and Waking up with a Purpose

September 12

Jewish History - Part 1: The Dark Ages weren't so dark after all

September 19

Excursion: The Drum Barracks Civil War Museum


September 26

10 Things I Really Don’t Want to Hear From My Rabbi on Rosh Hashanah

Oct 3

Reward and Punishment

Oct 10

Sukkot: The Body's Yom Kippur

Oct 17

Sukkot lunch at the Rabbi's Home

Oct 24

Excursion: The Point Fermin Lighthouse

Oct 31

My Prayer - Part 2: "Rise & Climb" The Verses of Praise


Nov 7

Inspiring Stories of the Rebbe - Part 2


Nov 14

Jewish History - Part 2: The Golden Age of Spanish Jewry

Nov 21 & 28

No meetings

Dec 5

Excursion: Lunch in LA

Dec 12

My Prayer - Part 3: "Shema Yisroel" - Are you listening to the miracle within? 

Dec 19

Jewish History - Part 3: The Crusades and their enduring impact

Dec 26

Chanukah Party 

For more information call 310-214-4999