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Meets Every Thursday 11:00am – 1:00pm

Join us once a week for fun activities, stimulating discussions and a chance to meet other seniors just like you. Led by Rabbi Dovid Lisbon

  • Speakers on topics from current Jewish events to taxes and medical issues
  • A chance to socialize and enjoy the company of each other.
  • A light lunch is served

For More information call: 310-372-0941

Fee: $5/ per program


May 9th

Name Changes in the Torah: Abram becomes Abraham, Sarai changes to Sarah and Hoshea to Joshua. Jacob even gets an entirely new name: Israel. What is the significance of these changes?

May 16th

Torah law forbids charging interest for a loan, but with a heter iska form, one is permitted to profit on invested capital. Is this not a violation of the spirit of the law? What indeed is the “spirit” of this law?

May 23rd

Lag B’Omer Class: I Think I Can: Rabbi Akiva, Rachel and the Power to Believe

May 30th

Nitzevet, Mother of David: The bold voice of silence.

June 6th

Shavuot class: Moses’s Golden Calf Problem featuring 7 Classic Reasons for Shavuot Flowers and Greenery.

June 13th

Lunch in LA

June 20th – August 8th

No Meetings – Summer Break

For more information call 310-214-4999